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    FKA twigs for The Fader Magazine (set #1)

    The baby hairs.

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  • Mikey’s first visit to the PNW! We celebrated his 27th bday in Portland and in Seattle. We were on vacation for a week total which was awesome, but definitely wasn’t enough time. Didn’t catch up with all of my people, but sometimes that’s how it goes.

    Probably won’t be coming back til after summer. Until next time, folks!

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    Can Dagarslani


  • the-intern-archives:

    My favorite hometown band Fly Moon Royalty always kills it! The best of the best. I promise.

    Here is their newest music video which premiered on Vibe Magazine. Congrats guys! Check out the video, share, enjoy. You might recognize someone…

    *hint hint*


  • euo:

    David Oliveira is Portuguese fine artist from Lisbon that has a power to bow and bend wired sculptures where it produces an illusion of a sketch-like look out of thin air. 

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    by théo gosselin

  • Unless you listen to KEXP!

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    —margaret atwood

    Year of the snake.

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  • Sneak peek at photos taken by the lovely Mary Kalhor of yours truly. She is an amazingly talented photographer, who just so happens to be one of my town favorites. Want to see more of her work? Click here. Like her on Facebook too.

    So you’re probably wondering what the photos are for, huh? This is a just a glimpse into the music project that I have been working on, which is scheduled to be released this spring. More news to come!

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    Definitely on my Brooklyn shit.


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  • NYE 2014.

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